Vicariously Yours Synopsis

Charlotte Metcalf is a recent college grad doing freelance writing and graduate studies in journalism in pursuit of her dream career as a travel writer. Her freewheeling twin sister, Cat, takes Charlotte on an escapade that finds them drinking too much at a wine bar. An accident occurs when Cat drives into a tree, landing Charlotte in the hospital just when a job offer comes in from a travel magazine.

Laid up for months, Charlotte enlists Cat to become her “feet” for the job while she writes up the articles and sends them in. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Cat, an online relationship develops between Charlotte and her editor, Jack (who lives across the country). When he arranges a job in his neck of the woods, Charlotte takes a chance on having Cat go in her place, hoping she and Jack will not meet.

Will she risk losing her career to take a chance on love, or will exposing her scheme cause her to lose everything she has always wanted?